Worldwide Kempo Association International Training Video and Streaming Certification and Testing


The Worldwide Kempo Association (WKA) is a global organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of Kempo. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, the WKA offers a wide range of training programs and resources for Kempo practitioners worldwide.

Training Videos and Streaming

One of the key offerings of the WKA is its extensive library of training videos and streaming content. These videos cover a variety of topics, including techniques, forms, self-defense, sparring, and more. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the WKA’s training videos provide valuable insights and instruction to help you improve your skills.

The training videos are available for purchase or streaming through the WKA’s website. This allows practitioners from all over the world to access the content at their convenience. The videos are professionally produced and feature experienced instructors demonstrating and explaining the techniques in detail.

Certification and Testing

The WKA also offers certification and testing for Kempo practitioners. These certifications are recognized internationally and serve as a testament to the practitioner’s skill and knowledge in Kempo. The certification process involves a series of tests that evaluate the practitioner’s proficiency in various aspects of Kempo, including forms, techniques, and sparring.

Practitioners can choose to undergo certification testing in person at designated testing locations or through the WKA’s online testing platform. The online testing option provides convenience and flexibility, allowing practitioners to complete the tests from the comfort of their own training space. The tests are conducted through video submissions, which are reviewed and evaluated by WKA-certified instructors.

Upon successful completion of the certification tests, practitioners receive official certification from the WKA, along with a rank and title that reflects their achievement. These certifications are highly regarded within the Kempo community and can open doors to advanced training opportunities and teaching positions.

Benefits of WKA Certification and Training

There are several benefits to obtaining certification and training through the WKA:

  • Recognition: WKA certifications are recognized worldwide, giving practitioners credibility and validation for their skills.
  • Professional Development: The training videos and resources provided by the WKA help practitioners continuously improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Networking Opportunities: The WKA community provides opportunities for practitioners to connect with other Kempo enthusiasts and instructors from around the world.
  • Teaching Opportunities: WKA certifications can open doors to teaching positions within the organization or other Kempo schools.


Whether you are a Kempo practitioner looking to enhance your skills or an aspiring instructor seeking certification, the Worldwide Kempo Association offers a comprehensive training program that caters to your needs. With its extensive library of training videos and streaming content, as well as its internationally recognized certification and testing process, the WKA is a valuable resource for anyone passionate about the art of Kempo.

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